For men suffering from andropause or sexual dysfunction, Viagra has typically been the go-to option. The problem with drugs like this is that they’re only a temporary solution; they don’t provide a long-term, natural remedy. While andropause is a natural part of life that may be unavoidable for many men, the process is one that can be controlled and even reversed with the right kind of formula.

Zynev — A Powerful, All-Natural Formula for Enhanced Testosterone Levels

This is where Zynev comes into play. A completely natural and safe testosterone enhancement booster, Zynev doesn’t just act on the symptoms; it addresses the root problem of andropause, rebalancing testosterone levels naturally, which leads to an overall increase in your sense of health and fitness as a male.

Zynev doesn’t just increase sexual function; it boosts overall stamina as well. This means you’ll see increases in your gym performance, your work life, and your family life. You’ll have more focus and energy, resulting in daily life that is much more enjoyable.Zynev Review

Zynev Benefits
There are a series of benefits that come with Zynev. One is a boost in virility, resulting in more fulfilling and satisfying sexual performance. This will not only improve your self-esteem and confidence, but enhance your relationship as well. Secondly, Zynev works to boost energy levels, meaning you’ll see a huge increase in your sense of energy and fitness. And third, Zynev treats major problems that occur with low testosterone, such as burning fat faster and providing you with more strength and energy.

Ingredients in Zynev
Zynev is all natural and completely herbal, so there are no artificial ingredients or peculiar drug enhancements here. The formula includes Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Sarsparilla, and Horny Goat Weed. Each of these powerful ingredients helps to enhance the formula and make it as effective as possible.

Tongkat Ali is a root native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s been used for many years as a libido enhancer but also helps as a testosterone boosting agent in general. It’s been the subject of numerous scientific studies over the years, and has been proven to enhance testosterone levels over time. Since having low testosterone leads to less muscle mass and lower bone density, Tongkat Ali is just one way to naturally combat these issues. One study done in Malaysia found that the root helped patients enhance mood and strength, with their sex lives, physical fitness, and work lives being enhanced as a result.

Saw palmetto is another important ingredient. It is a fatty acid that helps to improve levels of androgens, leading to an increase in muscle tone, mental clarity, and fat loss. Men suffering from low testosterone are also shown to see increases in stamina and energy from taking saw palmetto.

A similar root to that of the sassafras plant, which you might know the taste of from root beer, sarsparilla has been used for many years to improve cognition and mental functioning. It also helps the body in creating muscle tissue.

Horny goat weed is the final ingredient that really helps out with Zynev’s powerful formula. It helps in boosting libido, improving sexual performance, and also helps in boosting energy and stamina. You’ll find yourself more focused and invigorated throughout the day, feeling less exhausted once your work is done.

Overall Effects of Zynev
Many users of this supplement have found an overall increase in energy, stamina, testosterone levels, and sexual desire. They’ve also found it to be free of side effects, with improve mood and weight loss as a result. Thanks to Zynev’s ability to reduce fatigue and boost your energy level, you’ll immediately start to feel better if you’ve been suffering low testosterone problems for a while, once you begin taking the supplement.

Zynev is available as a free sample, so you can try it out to make sure it works for you. This powerful little supplement will have you feeling like you’re in your 20s again in no time, enjoying endurance, energy, and stamina boosting effects.

If you’ve been suffering from low energy and low sex drive for a while, and your relationship is suffering as a result, then Zynev is an excellent, all-natural solution that is also easy to obtain and inexpensive. It will help to reverse the effects of low testosterone as a result of aging, and help boost metabolism and energy in no time at all. If you’re looking for a natural way to get your testosterone levels up again, this is one way to do so — and it’s completely risk-free, made in the USA using clinically proven ingredients.

Zynev Free Trial


ProSolution Gel Review

by kelly on December 8, 2015

Male enhancement products seem to be popular these days for several different reasons. Men want to have larger and longer lasting erections, and with all the products on the market, this seems to be easy to do. But, having so many choices may not always be a good thing. It gets confusing knowing what product to try, and then some don’t work as well as you might have wanted. Prosolution Gel is one product that we think might help with men’s struggles.

Men everywhere are struggling to gain a larger erection. If you want to keep her pleased consider seeing what a male enhancement product such as ProSolution Gel can do. This is a topical enhancer that has men everywhere trying it out for its amazing results!

What is ProSolution Gel?

This gel is a topical solution designed to boost nitric oxide in the penis upon contact. It’s a clear gel and allows smooth muscles found in the penis to relax more, to dilate and to pump blood to the penis. This is how larger erections become achieved. The more blood pumped to the penis shaft, the larger it becomes making this gel an effective way to get a bigger penis and erection.

If you’ve been struggling to find a product to help you be the man you’ve wanted this may be the best place to start. This gel has the ability to help you last longer in bed, give her a harder erection and can help you have the best sex you can.

The gel gets rubbed into your penis and the ingredients go to work to give your penis a bigger and harder erection. Blood becomes increased to the penis allowing you to please your woman. Many men have reported seeing results almost right away in some cases.

There are no side effects that come with use which many men enjoy. With all natural ingredients, you can gain optimal results without the use of pills or other supplements.

Who Can Use ProSolution Gel?

There are millions of men looking for ways to please their woman with a larger penis and this gel allows you to achieve just that. This product has been endorsed by several medical and scientific professionals. There are even doctors who have given it to their patients. If you’re looking for something to give you natural results without painful penis pumps this gel may be the solution.

Men who want to make their girl’s toes curl more than they already do have found this gel to be extremely effective and beneficial. It has no odor and no harmful effects so putting it on to the skin is safe. Some of the effective ingredients found in this gel include:

  • L-Arginine: boosts nitric oxide levels allowing blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow
  • Mango Butter: serves as a lubricant and contains mango essence which serves as an aphrodisiac
  • Aloe Vera Extract: great for nourishing the skin as well as smoothing the skin’s surface
  • Vitamin C: increases libido, recovery time and allows for more frequent sex
  • Menthol: stimulates the penis and increases your power allowing you to stay rock hard longer
  • Bearberry Extract: used to treat urinary tract infection as well as increasing blood flow allowing for firmer erections

These ingredients come together to increase blood flow to the penis. This dilates blood vessels making the penis larger and harder. Because of the aloe vera in this formula, skin remains soft and doesn’t dry out with extended use like some other products may do. Some men even use this gel as a lubricant.

This is a non-sticky formula designed with natural ingredients. Results are fast and in some cases instant allowing you to get down to business quickly. Pleasure for both people intensifies allowing you to give her more intense orgasms. It will also intensify your pleasure as well.

There are many reviews and people out there raving about the effectiveness of this product. It’s simple to use and allows you to put it on and get ready to rumble with your girl. Some men even have their girl put it on as it can serve as a great way to foreplay. This is a great way to increase your penis allowing you to please her while lasting longer. You’ll be the highlight of her day and feel more confident as well in your extended ability!


Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy Review

by kelly on November 14, 2015

Women get the pleasure of having access to dildos, vibrators and other sex toys to help with pleasuring themselves when the need arises, and men, now you can too. Your pleasure consists of Rosy Palm and her five sisters, right? But, with the Doc Johnson Sasha Grey UR3 Cream Pie Pocket Pussy, you can have immediate access to something out of your typical solo session.

The Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy61poi8Y8f9L._SX522_

As most of you know, Sasha Grey is one of the hotter porn star models in the industry. This mold was made to mimic her treasure box allowing you to take your pleasure to the next level. You’ll enjoy a wetter feeling of the mold once you add the lube. Being anatomically correct as well as being realistic feeling with the UR3 allows for more intense orgasms. The closed-end design gives you the feeling of an actual woman being on your dick. This gives you more intensified pleasure than what your hand can do for you.

Some of the other benefits you’ll find with this masturbator include:

  • Mild texture for intense orgasms
  • Noticeable sweet aroma to it
  • Replicates Sasha’s treasure box
  • Tighter than most masturbators
  • Feels like real flesh

There are some masturbators that feel like plastic or rubber and they tend to yank at the skin of your penis. This makes for an uncomfortable experience no matter how much lube you use. This toy offers a slick feel once lube is applied allowing for a more enjoyable masturbation experience.

Cleanup is a breeze. Simply turn it inside out, wash with warm soapy water, dry it off completely and store away for later use. This material doesn’t hold on to old residue making it ready for each use with no prep work needed.

With a discreet and small enough design, you can take this on long business trips or use while your partner is out of town.  Many people want to use it with their partner as a part of foreplay. This can spice up the sex life. For those of you who are single this is a great way to get the job done without having to use your hand every time.

It’s recommended though to use water based lubes as opposed to baby oil or other oils. These types of lubes can ruin the material the masturbators are made of causing you to waste more money buying and replacing toys.

The tight folds of this toy squeeze around your hard cock making it feel as if you are having sex with a female. This beats the feeling of your hands which can only offer limited pleasure. The ribbed canal allows you to stroke your dick deeper and allows you to have a softer feel than what rough hands can offer as well.

If you’re looking to take your solo sessions to new levels or looking to incorporate some change in your routine, this is the ideal way to go. The Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy can please you in new ways. This is great for allowing you to change the intensity and satisfaction you feel from one session to the next!



Tricks to Great Pussy Eating

by kelly on September 15, 2015

For women, finding a man who can go down on her and do an amazing job at it is hard these days. Men just don’t get it for some reason, so when we do find one, we like to hold onto them and letting go is not an easy chore. It’s something that is kept a secret or else he’s now the hot commodity on the market.

There aren’t a lot of men out there who eat pussy which makes it frustrating. Guys want girls to follow tips to give a great blowjob, right? So why can’t they return the favor? Some guys who do it don’t know what they are doing or it’s too soft, too hard or just plain out lame. So for you men out there who are looking for tips to improve your skills, here are a few moves women will enjoy.

The Secrets to Great Pussy Eatingdsc_0007

Tell Her She’s Beautiful and Mean What You Say

A lot of women are shy about their bodies and how they look naked. Even if you stumble across the most beautiful woman you’ve seen she has her worries, and this is especially true in bed. Women wonder what you think of them when they are naked as well as how their area looks. Some women who have kids may worry even more. Tell her it’s beautiful and tell her what parts of her body you enjoy the most. The key is to get her to trust you enough to let you between her legs.

Appreciate Her Flower

Nothing makes a woman more unique than her flower. Stop and appreciate it. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some are tucked inside more than others. Some have thick lips that poke out to greet you while you’re down there. Some are covered in hair while others are shaved. Some women even go the extra distance to create a landing strip so to speak. Appreciate the features that make her flower unique.

Lick the Outer Lips, Inner Lips, and Locate the Clit

As you’re down there, gently pull apart the outer lips and look at the inner lips. Lick them if you want and spread apart even further at the top to locate her clitoris, also called the clit. This is the money spot and what is going to send her over the top. Again, the clit can come in different sizes. You want to stay away from her clit at first as it is too sensitive to be handled right off the bat.

Make Sure Your Fingers Are Wet

Before you go putting your fingers all over her area, make sure your fingers are wet. There is nothing more painful than a man’s fingers sticking to her pussy. It’s too delicate and can hurt making the experience less enjoyable. You can use lube, good ol’ spit, or juices from inside her. Don’t touch her clit with dry sticky fingers either. This hurts and the clit needs to be aroused before you can play with it. It doesn’t produce juices of its own anyways.

Tease and Approach Slowly

Before you get right into business, women love foreplay. This gets them aroused and can get the juices flowing making it more enjoyable. Kiss and lick the inner part of her thighs slowly. This seems to be a tender spot for women. Work towards her pussy but don’t touch it or lick it. This leads to anticipation which is exciting for her.

Play With Her

Lick the crease of her legs at the groin area. Work your way to the center of her lips without pressing down or getting in between her lips. This further excites her and you may notice her trying to get you to do more. Kiss her softly and then go a little harder. Use your tongue to separate her lips and when they are open, use your tongue to go up and down on the flesh.

Spread her legs further apart with your hands and make sure it’s done gently. Everything about eating a girl out should be done softly as a woman’s flower is more delicate than a man.

Use your tongue to tongue her and while it feels divine for her, she’ll want the attention on her clit. See if her clit is ready to be played with. You can see it come out of the skin if it is. If you can see it you can use your tongue to lick it. If you can’t, consider licking her other parts more to work her up more.

Pull her pussy lips apart and flick your tongue against her clit. Do this in a quick way and this should cause her legs to quiver. When you see that she’s getting closer to reaching her orgasm make an O shape with your lips and take her clit in your mouth.

Some men stop too soon and this leads to frustration for her. While you are using your tongue, use two fingers and finger her at the same time. This is where the real orgasm can come from for some women. There’s nothing more enjoyable and it can intensify her orgasm.

Once she has had her orgasm, keep things quiet and begin having sex with her. This constant stimulation can often times lead to multiple orgasms and can leave her with a high sensation. Women require sensual and soft touching and this is just by nature. Women require some sensitivity from her lover while men can get off and go to bed without any feeling. These tips and techniques can have you eating your girl out like a pro leaving her hungry for more!



Jack’s Blowjob Lessons Review

by kelly on September 13, 2015

For some women being a “Blow Job Queen” sounds scary, but for others, they take pride in giving their partner the best BJ he has ever had. This is a common desire from men all around the world. If you want to get or keep a man, you’ve got to read this Jack’s Blowjob Lessons review. Men sometimes jerk off with their women, but face it ladies, while you’re on a work trip or a night out with the girls, chances are there are times he jerks off to porn…

He’s seeing how those porn stars give head and he wants the same!banner-300x250

Maybe you’re one of those girls that does not really enjoy giving a blowjob for lack of experience. Men everywhere want to receive just as much as they give to you, so if you’re looking for a way to keep him pleased there are several ways to learn how to give the ultimate blow job to your man to keep him crawling back for one after another.

With Jack’s Blowjob Lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to take you from being a mediocre girl to a girl who gives one heck of a blowjob that leaves him trembling and weak in the knees. Imagine the look on his face when you give him that ultimate orgasm as he scratches his head wondering where the heck you just learned to do that one trick that set him over the top.

What is Jack’s Blowjob Lessons?

This program is a 160-page e-book that was written by Jack Hutson in addition to Tanya J who is also a porn star. Not only does he come with experience of sleeping with loads of girls but he has also helped each and every one of them give the ultimate blowjob to keep any man satisfied.

This book is exciting for both men and women and can be used by beginners and those who are more experienced at pleasing a man’s tool. Every woman secretly wnts to give her man the best blow job he’s ever had and there are several secrets in this book that will leave him speechless by the time you’re done.

There are tips for improving your oral sex techniques as well as showing you new ways to move your tongue, how to hold his penis, and how to take him over the top like he’s never felt before. All of this leads to what men and women everywhere want; the best blowjob ever! This book is easy to use and easy to understand allowing you to become the Blowjob Queen in a few nights flat. Following the book and all the detailed information provided is easy.

Contents of the Book

Without going into too much detail, there are several parts of the book that allow you to jump around and learn all you wanted to know about the anatomy of a male. Here are a few things you can expect to find in the book:

  • Blow Job Techniques
  • Foreplay
  • Mental Foreplay
  • How to Tease Him
  • How to Get Him Hard
  • The Good, the Bad and the Best Blowjob Positions
  • How to Act Before Giving a Blowjob
  • How to Love the Dick
  • Quick Anatomy of the Penis

This guide has illustrations to help you along the way as well. This means if you are less experienced giving your first blowjob is going to be easy. With Jack’s Blowjob Lessons you’ll be blowing like a pornstar in no time and have him trembling for more.

Not only will you know how to give him the ideal blowjob, but you’ll learn new ways to be sexy and how to seduce him for even more pleasure. You’ll be able to put the fire back in your once boring sex life which can bring back an overall spark between the two of you. This in turn leads to happier relationships and can help even make your bond stronger once again.

This guide is easy to download immediately after purchase allowing you to get started with learning new tricks and techniques right away. Some people wonder if the price is worth the money and in fact, there is a slew of valuable information that you may have never known before. Giving the ultimate blowjob can be tricky and while some men do get off, this can be that it does feel good and some men imagine someone else giving them pleasure. This is not something you want, so grab the bull by the horns and get busy learning how to blow him away!

If you want to take your blowjob skills to heightened levels, consider what jack’s Blowjob Lessons can do for you ladies. You’ll have him following you around asking you day after day. Men everywhere are experiencing satisfaction and now you can give your man the satisfaction he wants as well with this helpful guide!banner-728x90

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Penis Advantage Review

by kelly on September 2, 2015

Many men aren’t aware that they can grow the size of their penis in the privacy of their own home. This is an attractive idea these days for men everywhere. After all, rocking your girls world is important to making her happy and keeping her satisfied. Fortunately for you, once you read this Penis Advantage review, you’ll see that this program was created to help men just like YOU be able to naturally grow their penis from the comfort of your own home.penis-advantage

Men everywhere are looking for ways to increase penis size without having to use penis pumps, pills that come with side effects or even creams that give false promises. There is now a new method that allows you to increase the size of your penis at home with nothing more than your hands and a few exercises that anyone can do.

Did that catch your attention? Read on. There’s more great news!

Naturally Increase Penis Size with Penis Advantage

In fact, you only need 6 minutes a day for a few weeks to see amazing results and growth. You’ll be able to enjoy a fuller, thicker and more erect penis which will have the ladies crawling back for more. Imagine being able to please your woman and to gain back the confidence knowing you totally rock her world more than before.

With the Penis Advantage men everywhere are noticing increased orgasms with their partner and a longer erection that lasts. This makes it powerfully popular on the market.

What is the Penis Advantage Program?

This program is a 247 page e-book which is full of methods to help increase the size of your manhood once and for all. You can enjoy an increase in penile size by as much as 4 inches which for some is a lot! This can be done with no pills or drugs allowing you to reach her hot spot a lot easier.

The first part of the book talks about the anatomy of the penis and how it’s made to work. This is actually where it all starts in regards to gaining a larger penis. How much blood is stored in these chambers depends on the size of the penis while hard.

The next part of the book consists of the exercises that you’ll be doing. These exercises will increase the capacity of the chambers allowing for more circulation and a harder erection that your partner will be begging for. The best part is these exercises can be done with your two hands. You’ll get details about how often to do these exercises as well as how often you should do them.

The last part of the book talks about the formula in addition to the tools and resources you’ll need to be successful with the program. You’ll be working towards a larger penis in a matter of weeks and this means pleasing those ladies is possible!

The Advantages

With this program you’ll benefit from results that are permanent and all natural. This beats pills and other methods that may go away when you stop using them. Save yourself the hassle and money if having surgery or using expensive pumps. Being able to instantly download this book is beneficial as well, since you don’t have to wait for shipping… You can download and be on your way to a bigger penis before you know it!

Claims are true and from real customers who were once looking to gain a larger penis. Stamina is also increased meaning you have a higher sex drive. False claims aren’t made with this program reassuring you of real results and a program that offers what it promises on.

If you want to increase penis size, stamina and orgasm intensity, The Penis Advantage is the way to go. If you want to feel like a better man in the bedroom, this program will ensure you have her toes curling. Consider the confidence you’ll gain and the amount of attention you’ll get from the ladies if you’re single. Take your penile size to new lengths and take advantage of The Penis Advantage today!

Have you tried this program? Let our team at the Sexual Health Blog know! We’d love to see your results!



MECoach Review

by kelly on August 20, 2015

Men, it’s time we had a talk about the penis and how you can enjoy a larger one, and the best part of it all is you can do it discreetly without packages coming in the mail or going to see the doctor. With 1 on 1 coaching, things can come into play a lot easier. Men everywhere are looking for ways to grow their penis. There are several ways to gain a larger penis, and one method that seems to be helping men everywhere is MECoachMEC_250x250.

What is MeCoach and Who Created it?

AJ Alfaro is the creator of the program and along with his team of experts the program has helped men everywhere achieve harder and larger penises. This has allowed men all around the world to please their partners and watch toes curl.

Big Al has become n expert in this area and he’s also been seen on a number of media and social outlets including,, and more. He’s helped thousands of men everywhere who suffer with low confidence and want a larger penis. He offers advice in regards to enlargement penis exercises and he’s also known for his e-books available to help men.

There are a number of programs and exercises on the internet that help men everywhere gain a larger and harder penis to help gain confidence. Imagine being able to gain a few inches in length and girth. If you’re looking to achieve results that you’ll be satisfied without the use of penile pumps and more, MECoach may be the place to consider starting. You’ll be on your way to a larger penis making your partner come back for more.

After signing up for the system, you’ll get a coach who will help you through the process. They’ll offer a baseline analysis where you want to ideally be and based on your current measurements your coach helps derive a plan based on various findings which include:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Length
  • Girth
  • ED issues
  • Health history

Some men even suffer with a curved penis which can be helped as well. Your coach will take the time needed to build a plan based on your individual needs. You’re coach will find exercises that will help you and any issue you may have. There are over 30 exercises available with 10 various routines as well as other tips to help you gain the girth, length and strength you need to please your partner. Have you tried jelquing with little to no success? The main trick is to stay motivated if you’re hoping to see ny results from the program that’s tailored to you.

There are several scams and other money wasters promising a growth of 6 or more inches and realistically this is not achievable. You can though expect to see growth that is realistic to your personal situation. You’ll notice a difference as will your partner.

Sticking with the MECoach approach rather than wasting time on creams, pumps and other pills can show you just how to achieve amazing results once and for all. It’ll be enough to take your confidence to new levels and you’ll start to see the romance and intimacy come back to your relationship. Painful machines should be stopped as you no longer need them. Imagine waking up and seeing that your tool is slowly but surely increasing allowing your erections to be harder, stronger, and wider which helps with maximizing the intensity of an orgasm on both parts.

How Much Can You Expect to Gain?

As long as you stick to the program designed for you, you have the ability to gain as much as 3 inches in length. This will allow you to penetrate your partner on a deeper level. You’ll notice a number of advantages that include:

  • Rock hard erections
  • More than a 2 inch increase in penis size
  • Decrease ED symptoms
  • Increased stamina allowing you to rock her world for hours on end
  • Increased confidence and sex lives on both parts
  • Help fight your porn addiction
  • Stop that premature ejaculation women hate so much
  • Enjoy multiple orgasms and help her orgasm multiple times also
  • Increase the amount of time you can last in between the sheets

Having the penis you want is accomplished with this system that has been tested and is helping thousands of men everywhere. With a personal training coach on your side you’ll find this has become the easiest method for you. You’ll be dumping all creams, equipment and supplements down the drain. Enjoying a larger and longer lasting erection will have the flame back in your life in no time. Just sit back and watch your partner beg for more, and for all of you single lads… Watch the women flock to you!


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L-Arginine Benefits for Penis Health

by kelly on June 9, 2015

Whether your diet regularly consists of L-Arginine or you’ve decided to add in a supplement, your penis will truly reap the benefits!  One of the reasons L-Arginine is so vital to overall health is because it converts to nitric oxide when ingested.  Many chronic illnesses such as type II diabetes and hypertension actually actively decrease one’s natural levels of nitric oxide.  Since L-Arginine cannot be synthesized in the human body until late adolescence, it is considered a semi-essential/non-essential amino acid. As you’ll read, L-Arginine benefits the body in many ways; you’ll be astounded at what it can do for you and your sexual health.l-arginine-benefits

The Journal of the American Medical Association says that sexual dysfunction is an issue for approximately 43% of women and 31% of men. Nitric oxide is essential for proper blood circulation and optimum sexual functionality for men and women alike. The benefits of nitric oxide are so important that NO was made the Molecule of the Year in 1992. On top of that, the research team that discovered nitric oxide was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nobel Prize winner Dr Louis Ignarro, the lead researcher behind the study, released a successful book entitled NO More Heart Disease, detailing all NO’s benefits for the human body.

L-Arginine effectively combats erectile dysfunction, allowing the body to produce more NO, increasing the rate of arterial blood flow into the penis, essential to achieving an erection. Importantly, as NO levels are enhanced, the body is able to control the erection entirely on its own and at any time, removing the need for tactical timing of ‘popping pills’.  Therefore, L-Arginine is an integral component in overall penis health and quality of erections.  One of the largest causes of incomplete erections is an insufficient supply of blood flow to the penis.  By dilating the blood vessels L-arginine improves said blood flow.  This allows the penis to enlarge to its full capacity.  This increases not only frequency of erections but also size and hardness.  Added libido and greater endurance don’t hurt anything either.

By regularly consuming foods high in L-Arginine, or adding in a high quality supplement you can actually have more intense, long orgasms.  Many studies have even shown an increase in fertility, sperm quality, and sperm motility.  Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or simply wanting to increase the size of your cum load, L-Arginine may be the best natural answer for you.  Many penis enlargement and erection pills can be costly, dangerous, and sadly rarely meet consumers’ expectations.  L-Arginine is a key active ingredient in most penis enlargement supplements because of its proven unique ability to effectively increase nitric oxide levels.

By simply adding more L-Arginine into your diet you can bypass all those nasty side effects without losing any of the benefits.  In fact, L-Arginine is beneficial for just about every system within your body.  Compared to most other sexual health supplements, it’s also much more budget-friendly.  Because l-arginine has anti-aging properties you’ll look young long enough to really enjoy those improved erections.  L-Arginine can be found in, salmon, halibut, trout, tilapia, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts, green bell  peppers, seaweed spirulina, and many grains.


A Review of The Rabbit Vibrator

by kelly on May 28, 2015

Choosing a vibrator is no easy task ladies, and these days it seems like there are more and more being released meaning the decision just became that much harder. But imagine the women out there that have yet to experience the pleasure that can come with a vibrator and have to choose one for the first time! What an overwhelming task to take on that can turn into, and for that reason the rabbit vibrator offers a number of styles, designs and unique features which has made this line of vibrators one of the most popular ones yet.

One thing you may notice though, is that for you fans of the hit show, Sex and the City, you have heard of this amazing pleasure toy or even from your friends on the street and it has gained a sense of popularity for all that it can do. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this type of vibrator has a lot in store for you in a number of ways.

The biggest advantage that comes with this amazing little package is that it offers internal vaginal stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation which seems to be the trick to getting off, or at least intensifies it making it a lot more enjoyable. Reaching an orgasm never seems to be a problem with this amazing invention which women have come to grow extremely fond of over the years.

You’ll see there are a number of lines available to this toy and there are a number of features you can choose from including different speed settings, sizes, shapes and even colors and feel. There are some that even have rotating shafts and pearls or beads in the shaft of the vibrator. Usually the part of the vibrator that hits the clit is often shaped like a pair of rabbit ears or dolphins and some will even have other animal parts.

But how do you know what one is for you exactly with so many to choose from?

This can vary on a few different things such as how much you want to spend, what features you want and just personal opinion or preference. There are a number to choose from and you’ll also find that they come in varying lengths as well as girth which makes it easier to find what works for you.

Choosing Your Toy

Let’s cut to the chase of what you need to look for when choosing your pleasure vibrator. Since you’ll be spending some time with it, for some more often than others, there are a few things that can help you find the one that’s designed for you. The material it’s made of is important. Every woman has her preference and while some are made of a jelly rubber, others are made of silicone. Some are made from plastic and this can make it feel fake while others can help make your pleasure more enjoyable. The jelly rubber ones you may want to consider using a condom with since the material is still uncertain and is often referred to as a mystery rubber.

The size of the shaft is another area that can be different for each woman. While some women like a larger shaft, others prefer something small and a little more discreet. Some prefer only a little bit of the shaft to be in their vagina while others want all 5 or 6 inches inside. Make sure you find something that’s going to be comfortable with you from the get go, but keep in mind that with the clitoral stimulation part you may have to have the entire shaft inside of you in order for the ears to reach your clit.

Should you get one with beads or not? This can be a personal preference and for the most part, the beads rotate as the shaft rotates on certain models. For some ladies the beads can actually hit their g-spot making their orgasm even more intense. With a shaft and beads that don’t rotate this may not do the trick as well. There are some where the beads kind of create a bulge and this can give it a little more enhancement to stimulate  the opening of your vagina and for some women this is what sends them over the top.

Tips for Using Your Vibrator

Using your vibrator can be one thing but when it comes to buying one, consider whether you’re using it by yourself or do you have a partner you plan on using it with? Do you want him to help with choosing the toy? This can be a great way to get him involved especially if he’s going to be a part of using it on you since some men enjoy seeing what turns their partner on let alone being a part of the process of using it especially if you give them control of what is done with it in regards to speed and how much goes in and when. There really is no right or wrong way to use your vibrator, and in fact it’s all about what feels good to you as the woman. If you are just starting out, having a tube of lube is always going to be a good idea to help get things going and as far as what one is better than the other, again there is no right or wrong one.

The rabbit vibrator has been around since it made its famous appearance on Sex and the City and from then on it became a hit in the sex toy industry and has seen a huge amount of positive feedback. Its become common in a number of homes everywhere among couples looking to add that little bit of kinkiness and spice to help keep the sex life enticing and exciting. Pair it with your favorite sex positions and incorporate it in with some solo fun and having an orgasm no longer has to be an issue.

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For men, lasting long in bed is a goal and it can seem impossible for some. Erectile dysfunction is not something men like to hear, but with age and certain lifestyle choices, this can become a real and serious problem for men everywhere. Going all night is what all men want and if you find yourself in this boat relax and know you’re not alone. You’ve probably been scouring the internet looking for solutions to help you last longer and to keep your partner satisfied. Enhancing your sexual performance isn’t as hard as you think it is, and whether you have existing problems that are hindering your performance or if you’re simply looking for ways to keep your partner satisfied between the sheets, there are some simple fixes that you can make to your lifestyle that will have you rocking her world in no time.

First of all, you’ve seen the male enhancement pills on the market but for some, this is not a financially feasible option as some are on the pricey side. Some may simply prefer to do it the all-natural way rather than wasting money on a product they aren’t even sure will deliver on what it promises. This seems to be a common trend these days so here are some ways to achieve results naturally without putting anything harsh in your body.

Blood Pressure and Heart Health

The penis works on blood pressure and signals are sent from the brain to your penis. This means vessels swell and become enlarged and engorged with blood. The heart pumps this blood allowing you to gain an erection but when there are issues with your blood pressure or the heart, this can lead to issues and difficulty with achieving an erection. This can be frustrating for men everywhere as this is what causes the penis to go limp early leading to frustration to both partners. That being said, having a healthy heart and circulatory system is beneficial to the health of your tool.


This is probably one of the most beneficial ways to keep your penis working properly. Sex does get the heart racing, but cardio activity can help increase the way your heart is shaped allowing you to have a healthier and more fulfilling sex session each time. This can be something as simple as a 30 minute brisk walk around the block or swimming. Pretty much anything that gets your heart pumping consistently will contribute to how well your penis works in between the sheets. After all men, the goal is to not only keep your partner satisfied, but to keep you satisfied as well.


Eating well is another important aspect of staying healthy and keeping your manhood working at optimum potential. Eating junk food only leads to you being tired all the time and therefore affecting other systems in the body. Everything is intertwined and has a domino effect. Therefore, eating healthy food and a well-balanced diet means you’ll keep your penis working to keep your lady coming back for more. Some common foods that help with increasing blood flow to your treasure include:

  • Bananas: rich in potassium and helps lower blood pressure
  • Garlic and Onions: while this gives you horrible breath, it’s great for the circulatory system allowing more blood to flow down south
  • Peppers and Chilies: spicy foods help increase blood flow to the penis by reducing inflammation and hypertension
  • Eggs: high in the B vitamins they help with balancing out hormone levels which help decrease stress allowing you to get an erection easier
  • Omega3 Acids: this is found in fish and avocados and helps with increasing blood flow to the penis

Drinking Water

Drinking water isn’t always at the top of our list of things to do but it should be. Drinking 8 glasses a day helps with a number of things and overall health. It helps get the blood moving which means blood flows to the penis allowing you to rise to the occasion easier over time. Water helps replenish the body and can help cleanse out toxins and other things that slow the body down over time. Making this part of your routine is essential and should be at the top of your list.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

By the time a man reaches the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to decline and as he ages it continues on a downward spiral. This can be frustrating for men and women as well. That’s why there are so many supplements on the market these days aimed at helping to increase these testosterone levels. To increase these levels naturally without having to put chemicals and other supplements into your body, some things you can do include losing weight if you are overweight, make sure you get plenty of zinc, reduce any stress in your life, eat plenty of healthy fats, reduce the amount of sugar you consume in your diet, and make sure you get some regular exercise.

Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

Stress causes chaos in anyone’s life and affects the libido in both men and women. For men, it causes erectile dysfunction and even a loss of interest in sex. Men, there’s nothing worse to your partner than not being in the mood if she is. It can take a toll on her self-esteem and can lead to issues later on down the road for the two of you. You can reduce stress by exercising on a regular basis and with stress comes bad habits. This can include smoking and drinking and these also have a huge impact on how you perform in bed.

Enjoy the Sun

The sun is beneficial for so many different reasons. It’s a great source of vitamin D and helps with our sex drive. The body’s natural melatonin production is increased with some rays so consider sitting outside or being outside a little bit each day. With a decreased amount of melatonin in the body sexual desires are put on hold and this can also affect how you sleep at night. When you’re tired you don’t necessarily want to perform so getting enough sun can help increase and kick-start things in the bedroom.


If you find yourself not lasting as long as you or your partner would like, you may need a little practice. Sex is always the best way to practice but masturbation can get you a long way and can help improve how you perform and can help with longevity. However, the method you use for masturbating can have negative effects on you and your partner. Rushing is going to lead to ejaculating too soon so take your time and slow it down. The secret to keeping her pleased is to make it last. It takes a woman longer to have an orgasm than it does a man so listen to her, take your time and practice on your own so you have the ability to hold out longer.

Lasting longer in bed and rocking her world is really not a hard task if you can make a few lifestyle changes. These are all-natural ways and won’t drain your wallet. Bringing back the spark in the bed is a simple task so consider giving these a shot to see a drastic change in how you please her.