Giving Oral Sex to a Woman – Tips from a Female

Going down on a woman is more of a work of art than anything else; a moving, hot, writhing work of art. By softly kissing her neck she will soften in your hands. Your kisses should run right under her jaw line and up to her ear.

Create a smooth, slow, sensuous pattern. Feel her breathing deepen and her lungs begin to weigh her down. Help her relax into a moment all hers. Gently kiss her forehead, lips, neck, and collarbone as she begins to melt away.

If you feel your lover leaning into you and focus in on the experience, you can slowly begin to move forward. Continue kissing her as you gently caress her bare breasts with one of your hands. This is open, warm, and loving. Close to her heart, she knows she can feel free to enjoy every touch, every kiss, and relish in every breath of air.

More motivated by emotional stimulation, help your female partner feel comfortable enjoying the entire sexual experience. Allow her to slowly drift into her own fantasy world in combination with your physical experience. Kiss her. Breathe her in. Actually feel her when you touch her.

Stroke her hair back from her face and look into her eyes right until your lips touch. Cup her breasts and gently hold them as you kiss her. Gently move your body downward until your face is level with her breasts. Before going anywhere south, seduce your partner until she wants to beg you.

Gently suck at her nipples and slowly massage her breasts. Play with her nipples with your tongue and the front of your teeth. This helps her feel warm, open, and feminine. Never forget to utilize a woman’s breasts.

Be careful not to get over-excited at this point. Skipping forward is very tempting but not the optimum way of arousing your partner. You’ll notice goose bumps and slight tremors going down her spine as she yearns for you.

Gently slide your body further down hers. Keep her panties on to continue the game. Before touching any skin, massage the length of her pussy with the tips of your fingers over her panties. Keep massaging up and down the length until you feel her tilt her pelvis and open up her thighs more.

Rather than taking control, allow her to open up, quite literally, to you naturally. You can gage exactly how excited she is by watching and feeling her body. At this point, it’s time for skin. Reach your hand into her panties and begin rubbing from her vagina to her clitoris.

Continuing to softly kiss her lips and neck, massage the entire area with your fingertips until you feel her getting wet. Her pussy should feel hot in your hand. Now, you can take her panties off and position your face between her thighs.

Begin by gently licking the length of her pussy. Focus in on her clitoris and massage her vaginal lips gently with your tongue. You can hold her hips with your hands and feel as her muscles contract and relax. This will help show you what she personally experiences pleasure from.

Her vaginal muscles will also tighten as you pleasure her. Once you feel like she’s wet and can’t handle anymore foreplay, you can stick your tongue into her vagina. Press your tongue in and out of her. This gives her further stimulation and provides the functionality of added lubrication. Move your tongue back to her clitoris and slowly press one of your fingers inside her.

Every woman is different, she may need one finger or three. Also, it may start and one and increase as time goes on. It’s all about reading your partners physical queues. Whether it’s screaming or merely a harsh exhalation through the nose, you can learn to pick up on what she wants.

Play with her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Flick it gently as you finger her. As she tightens around your fingers you can move them faster and harder; only do this once you feel she is aching for it.

Her back will tighten and she may begin to partially levitate but do not stop with your tongue or fingers until she cums. If you feel like your pattern is working, don’t try to switch it up, just intensify what you’re doing. The entire goal is to put her system into overload until she has at least one earth-shattering orgasm.

Continue fingering her and licking her clitoris until you feel her entire pelvis tighten and she moans and breaths heavily, cumming onto your fingers. For many women, at this point you can finish her off with your fingers and tongue still working in conjunction.

However, this can create a far too intense stimulation for some (aka uncomfortable) and it is best to stop with your tongue and press your fingers inside of her faster and harder. Your partner will let you know of this. If she lightly taps your face or tries to move your head away, she’s probably experiencing this discomfort. Just continue with your fingers and she will have an amazing orgasm.

Once you feel her orgasm subsiding, her body will relax and you can remove your fingers as well. Women can have multiple orgasms or singular orgasms lasting multiple minutes. While a woman may not tell you what’s on her mind, you will always know if you are in tune with your lover.

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