How to Increase Your Penis Size with Jelquing

Men everywhere want a larger penis, and after all, think of how your partner’s going to squirm once you get your manhood to an impressive size! Women may say that size doesn’t matter, but when you get down to the knitty gritty size can help you get deeper and hit her g-spot easier. There are a number of ways to increase penile size whether it’s with supplements or with other methods. There are even exercises that can be done to help increase the size of your tool, and in fact, one particular method is referred to as jelqing.

This is something that many know as being the backbone of all penile exercises and you see it on the internet more and more these days. For men who want a larger penis and to improve sexual health, this may just be something worth looking into.

So, What’s the Jelq?

This is a penis exercise that men everywhere have been utilizing to give their women pleasure since it’s designed to help grow your manhood. In fact, some men have reported growth as much as 2 inches! Imagine what that can do for your sex life! If you weren’t confident in your abilities before, after this exercise you’ll be having her gripping the ceiling! Length and girth are affected with this exercise and as long as you dedicate the time and effort, this exercise can be rather beneficial.

While the origination of the term may be unknown, the exercise has been known to have Arab origins and has been a practice since the early 1970s. Because of its milking-type motion it’s often referred to as milking and men everywhere, as well as women are reaping huge benefits.

The exercise is done for anywhere from 5-20 min a day and 2-5 days a week. This is a safe exercise so there is no need to worry about harming your man treasure in any way and as long as you warm up the right way and cool down the right way it’s safe. Make sure you are jelqing too much and overdoing it though.

Getting Started Jelqing

This is a 4-step process exercise and while you’re probably wondering how to get started you need to take your time so you don’t hurt anything. You want to perfect the process so it’s done in a fluid-like motion, and before you even attempt the exercise, make sure you’ve read some tips, tricks and know everything you need to know.

Blood is forced to the tip of the penis which is what makes it so effective. Imagine what your partner will think as she begins to notice the size of your cock increasing and her orgasms as well as yours get stronger and happen more often. Most women get more satisfaction when their g-spots are hit and for some, this can only be achieved with the aid of toys or some hard work and effort on the part of her partner. However, imagine the stress that’ll be reduced if you could only have a few extra inches in girth and length.

Before you begin, make sure you’re all lubed up and some men use Vaseline while others use good ol’ baby oil. There are also lubricants that are ideal for the penis that you can use as well if you choose. You want your penis to be erect to a level of at least 50-75%, but you want your penis to be relaxed enough so that you can push blood throughout it. Prevent yourself from getting a full on erection. This can take practice since some men get a full erection when they begin stroking their penis.

OK, now, when it comes to gripping your penis you want to use the pointer finger and the thumb to form the OK grip. You want to start the jelq at the base of your penis making sure you get as close to your pelvic bone as possible. Applying light pressure, move your fingers up the shaft to the tip without reaching your glans. Make sure the grip is tight enough to push blood through but not tight enough to the point that it’s uncomfortable.

Once you have gone from the base to just before the glans, you have successfully completed a jelq! You want each jelq to take an average of 2-3 seconds and again, you want it to be done without being fully erect. Continue this process for an average of 5-20 minutes.

The Ideal Routine

You can incorporate jelqing into your daily routine with ease and you want to make sure you do it a few days a week. You can start by doing it every other day and as you get more advanced you can do it 5 days in a row and take 2 days off. Try to avoid more than that as you may just enjoy it too much and your partner will start to think you’re having an affair with your fingers (figuratively speaking).

The more advanced you get the better the exercise will start working for you and as your partner begins to notice stronger and harder erections you’ll begin to realize that all the jelqing is working! Increasing the intensity will be needed over time.

Make sure you warn up and cool off before and after you jelq. This prevents injuries to the penis and you want to warm up the penis for a few minutes before you indulge in jelqing. This gets it loose and ready for the more strenuous stuff. You can warm up by taking a hot shower, wrapping your penis with a warm towel, use a heating pad or even a stuffed sock with warm rice in it.

You want to start with a stroke time of 2-3 seconds per jelq and as you get good at it, confuse the penis by adding in longer strokes and even shorter ones. Change up your grip as well and you can even change the angle of the grip to keep the penis guessing for optimal results.

If you don’t want to use your hands, there are even devices that are designed to jelq your penis. Most people see results in a matter of weeks while others may need to wait a little longer. This is a proven effective method for men everywhere to get added inches and girth for their self-esteem and to put your partner on Cloud 9 and to have her curling her toes in no time. Having confidence in your penis is important to men everywhere and this is just one magnificent and safe way to get that added width she craves!

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