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Do you have a passion for sex and sexual health? Then we want YOU to come join us!

Sexual Health Blog is always looking for talented writers who want to have fun with others in a collaborative, exciting environment.

Our writers work remotely all across the United States, and even some in exotic locations around the world. All we require you to have is some experience writing to either men or women regarding health-related issues. Most importantly, you must be comfortable discussing topics related to sex with your teammates. If sexual health topics make you uncomfortable, then you will want to work elsewhere!

Our only technical requirements are that you are familiar with Microsoft Word, Dropbox, and WordPress. That’s it. You must be a native English speaker, and will be paid as an Independent Contractor.

If you’re interested in working with our writing team, please send links with writing samples and your article fee schedule to us at [email protected] Do not send attachments, because they won’t be opened and your email will get deleted.