L-Arginine Benefits for Penis Health

Whether your diet regularly consists of L-Arginine or you’ve decided to add in a supplement, your penis will truly reap the benefits!  One of the reasons L-Arginine is so vital to overall health is because it converts to nitric oxide when ingested.  Many chronic illnesses such as type II diabetes and hypertension actually actively decrease one’s natural levels of nitric oxide.  Since L-Arginine cannot be synthesized in the human body until late adolescence, it is considered a semi-essential/non-essential amino acid. As you’ll read, L-Arginine benefits the body in many ways; you’ll be astounded at what it can do for you and your sexual health.l-arginine-benefits

The Journal of the American Medical Association says that sexual dysfunction is an issue for approximately 43% of women and 31% of men. Nitric oxide is essential for proper blood circulation and optimum sexual functionality for men and women alike. The benefits of nitric oxide are so important that NO was made the Molecule of the Year in 1992. On top of that, the research team that discovered nitric oxide was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nobel Prize winner Dr Louis Ignarro, the lead researcher behind the study, released a successful book entitled NO More Heart Disease, detailing all NO’s benefits for the human body.

L-Arginine effectively combats erectile dysfunction, allowing the body to produce more NO, increasing the rate of arterial blood flow into the penis, essential to achieving an erection. Importantly, as NO levels are enhanced, the body is able to control the erection entirely on its own and at any time, removing the need for tactical timing of ‘popping pills’.  Therefore, L-Arginine is an integral component in overall penis health and quality of erections.  One of the largest causes of incomplete erections is an insufficient supply of blood flow to the penis.  By dilating the blood vessels L-arginine improves said blood flow.  This allows the penis to enlarge to its full capacity.  This increases not only frequency of erections but also size and hardness.  Added libido and greater endurance don’t hurt anything either.

By regularly consuming foods high in L-Arginine, or adding in a high quality supplement you can actually have more intense, long orgasms.  Many studies have even shown an increase in fertility, sperm quality, and sperm motility.  Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or simply wanting to increase the size of your cum load, L-Arginine may be the best natural answer for you.  Many penis enlargement and erection pills can be costly, dangerous, and sadly rarely meet consumers’ expectations.  L-Arginine is a key active ingredient in most penis enlargement supplements because of its proven unique ability to effectively increase nitric oxide levels.

By simply adding more L-Arginine into your diet you can bypass all those nasty side effects without losing any of the benefits.  In fact, L-Arginine is beneficial for just about every system within your body.  Compared to most other sexual health supplements, it’s also much more budget-friendly.  Because l-arginine has anti-aging properties you’ll look young long enough to really enjoy those improved erections.  L-Arginine can be found in, salmon, halibut, trout, tilapia, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts, green bell  peppers, seaweed spirulina, and many grains.

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