An Actual Prosolution Plus Customer Review

So you get into bed with a hot lover, things start getting real heavy, and then you get the “OK” to bang away… Then, before you know it, you know you’ve blown it. You came way too early. Premature ejaculation can hurt the mood and cause major embarrassment, especially with a new lover. But, what can you do about it? Is there a supplement that can help stop premature ejaculation? Yes, there is!

Thanks to Prosolution Plus, men are finding relief from premature ejaculation issues while improving their sexual performance.

My Struggles with Premature Ejaculation… and My Solution!

It’s not a secret that I’ve struggled with premature ejaculation (PE). My wife has been along for the struggle, as have other girlfriends of mine. When I dated someone knew, it was such a huge source of anxiety to me. I wanted to AVOID SEX because I didn’t wanna bust my nut too quickly.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions. I tried the start-and-stop technique. I tried the “squeeze” technique. I have tried desensitizing condoms. You name it, I’ve tried it. None of them worked well. Some of them ruined sex altogether.

Enter Prosolution Plus.

I started taking it in October of 2018. I bought a 6-month supply upon the recommendation of a friend of mine who bangs everything that moves. You know what kind of a guy I’m talking about. Anyway, I opened up to him about my struggles, and he recommended this supplement. What the hell? I gave it a shot.

For the first week, I noticed no difference. I was still cumming quickly, and felt no difference in my penis. After a couple of weeks, though, I noticed something different… I was getting harder faster than before. I was definitely feeling the effects of the vasodiolation (blood vessel expansion) of the supplement. This is the aspect of the supplement that helps you to increase the firmness and strength of your erections. It was definitely happening for me.

For the first couple of weeks, my PE issues were by-and-large about the same, but at the beginning of Week 3, I noticed a major difference… I wasn’t cumming quite as fast as before!

Now, what this did was give me a lot of confidence.

I notice that my sexual performance and increase and decrease based upon how my brain is feeling. If I’m feeling down in the dumps, I’m going to be bad in bed. If I’m feeling better about myself, it’ll be better. Sure enough, after taking Prosolution Plus for a few weeks, I was already feeling a lot more confident, and was lasting a little longer in bed. Instead of being the typical “three-pump chump,” I started lasting for 5, then 7, and finally 10 minutes!

I hadn’t lasted for 10 minutes in a single sex session since I drank a bit too much in Vegas and ended up with a little bit of Whiskey Dick. If you’ve had too much alcohol, you know what this is like…

3-weeks in to taking Prosoltion Plus and I was SOLD.

How Prosolution Plus Works

Prosolution Plus is an all-natural male sexual health supplement that works to do 3 main things:

  1. Reduce premature ejaculation
  2. Improve sexual satisfaction
  3. Increase the size and strength of your erection

You’re thinking, “OK Brandon, how the hell can this actually work?”

Well, without getting too scientific with you, there is an all-natural supplement called “mucuna pruriens” which is in each dose of Prosolution Plus.┬áMucuna pruriens helps to increase the levels of dopamine that your body produces. Higher dopamine levels means that your sex organs will relax and not be so quick to reach climax; instead you’ll experience a slow, steady build up to orgasm.

This leads to a better sexual response, and a more pleasurable experience.

The other major ingredient in Prosolution Plus is nitric oxide. This is a bodybuilder’s best friend because it helps to increase the size of the blood vessels. It’s one of the reasons that lifters like this stuff before a workout. It gets blood pumping, and helps to increase the gains made in the gym.

For your penis, it’ll help you obtain an erection quicker. Additionally, your penis will be harder and with maximum blood flow, your penis may actually be bigger in size.

Has your lover ever looked at your dick and said, “Did it get bigger??” It’s not because your dick magically gained 3 inches; it’s because your dick got REALLY erect. This could be due to something you ate, a supplement you took, or because you did exercise and the blood was flowing easier.

Prosolution Plus Puts it All Together

This supplement really is the best of everything: It helps improve your sexual performance while also helping to reduce premature ejaculation. It’s a problem that men have been dealing with for centuries, but with these all-natural herbs and ingredients, you’re able to get it under control.

The best part of all is that Prosolution Plus isn’t even that expensive. It’s incredibly affordable. You can get it as low as $50 a box when you purchase a 6-month package from Leading Edge Health, the US company that manufactures it.

I’ve become a huge fan, and am taking it every single day as part of my supplement regimen. I’d post before and after videos here, but my wife doesn’t want me filming my sex sessions and posting them online… Maybe you can leave a comment below to convince her otherwise?

Tell her “it’s for science!”

But in all seriousness, get out there and give it a shot.

You have nothing to lose with Prosolution Plus’ 67-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Leading Edge Health, Inc. is a great company that’s been in business for almost 20 years, have worked with some of the biggest names in health, AND back up all their supplements with actual science.

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